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Monitoring Retail Execution

Monitoring Retail Execution with Recolda provides you with real-time visibility into your merchandisers’ in-store activities, allowing you to track progress, ensure compliance, and uncover growth opportunities. With Recolda, managing your retail operations has never been more efficient and insightful.


Recolda provides you with the ability to see what your merchandisers see by easily accessing in-store visual merchandising activities, captured photos, raised questions, and reports.

Task's Tracking

Enhance your field sales operations and optimize your planning by monitoring your team’s adherence to planned activities.

Discovering Opportunities

Recolda offers insights into compliance issues, competitive pricing, the success of new product launches, and other business opportunities.

On-Field Collaboration

Merchandisers can review visit and activity reports from team members who have visited the same client, ensuring complete visibility of interactions with customers.

Mobile Route and Activity Planning

Recolda streamlines mobile route and activity planning, offering an intuitive solution for efficient scheduling and task assignment. With Recolda, managing on-the-go tasks and optimizing routes has never been easier. Mapping Your Clients Visualize all your client stores on a map and use visual aids to differentiate them based on criteria such as income levels, business status, and debt level.

In-Store Data Collection

Empower your merchandisers to effortlessly capture information about new product launches, customer satisfaction, competition, in-store advertising, and visit reports using structured and customizable mobile forms and surveys.

Photo Capture

Take photos of product displays and label them by account and geographic location, enabling operations managers to monitor compliance with shelf planograms and contractual conditions.

Inventory Management

Recolda enables merchandisers to swiftly inventory goods, make restocking recommendations, optimize shelf space, ensure no stockouts, and ensure retailers are never out of top-selling items.

Order Taking

Modern merchandising solutions like Recolda go beyond traditional merchandising activities: they allow your representatives to quickly and easily take in-store orders, recover unpaid debts, upsell and cross-sell, and capture electronic proof of all sales transactions conducted.

Retail Execution and Visual Merchandising

Recolda excels in retail execution and visual merchandising, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers merchandisers to efficiently collect in-store data, capture photos, manage inventory, and streamline order-taking, all through a user-friendly interface. With Recolda, optimizing your retail operations has never been more accessible and effective.

In-Store Data Collection

Collection by merchandisers, from a new product’s launch, to customer fulfillement informations, benchmarking, POS advertising, and daily visit’s reports.

Photo Capture

Take photos of product displays and label them by account and geographic location, enabling operation managers to monitor compliance with shelf planograms and contractual conditions.

Inventory Management

Save your team’s efforts and time, alleviating the inventory task and allowing them to do it in only two-clicks, getting restock suggestions, fine-tune arrays use, ensure there are no stock shortages, and that retailers always dispose of the best-selling products.

Order Taking

 Recolda is the tool that gets your business beyond traditional merchandising practices, allowing your merchandisers to smoothly take orders in-store, recover unpaid debts, up-sell and cross-sell products, and track thoroughly all sales transactions, all in a pocket-sized screen device

Retail Store Audits

Recolda simplifies retail store audits by offering customizable forms, allowing retailers to efficiently gather essential audit data. With Recolda’s user-friendly mobile app, conducting and managing retail audits has never been more straightforward and effective.

Customizable Forms

Easily configure forms to be filled out by your retailers with just a few clicks. Define optional and mandatory fields, field types, dropdown values, and validation rules. There’s no limit to the number of forms you can set up.

Structured Verification

Swiftly key in all the informations your collaborators and clients might need, such as products prices, store planograms, promotional plans conformity.

Online and Offline

 Recolda’s mobile merchandising app is designed to seamlessly operate both online and offline. Retail audits are never hindered by poor internet connectivity.

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